Mom, Baby and Baltic Amber Necklaces

Baltic amber necklaces are the nature’s best gift for human being, especially for mom and baby. How could that be? Amber is the fossilized pine tree resin with plenty health benefits. It offers something beyond beautiful color and unique details.

The amber from Baltic region is popular for its high succinic acid content, much higher if compared to amber taken from other countries. Succinic acid contained by amber beads is the special pain relief and healing property with calming effects. For baby, amber is a natural teething pain reliever as well as immunity booster. For adults, amber is the great natural stress reliever, provide good protection for the body against any illnesses and the awesome alternative to treat cold, flu and joint stiffness.

baltic amber beads

baltic amber beads

During teething, the babies will tend to be fussy, more irritable, difficult to sleep, lose appetite and wanna bite everything they see. Wearing amber necklace is a good idea to help alleviating the pain on their gums easily, safely and effectively instead of chewing something which can possibly cause choking hazard. For mom, it will be helpful to reduce stress level, stay focused and relaxed while doing and dealing with a lot of things every single day.

Safety Features

Especially for baby, the amber necklaces are made with the best safety features to avoid some possible risks. Every bead is double-knotted to ensure durability. Suppose if the necklace is broken accidentally, there will be only one bead falls while the others will remain intact. Every necklace comes with screw clasp as well and the use of this kind of clasp is to guarantee that the baby won’t be able to detach the necklace easily.

The length of each necklace is also well-considered to make it comfortable to wear, not too long or short / tight. An amber teething necklace shouldn’t be longer or shorter than 33cm or 13 inches. For mom, the options are more varied. Starts from 45cm, the length of an amber necklace for adult can reach up to 170cm and you can mix and match it with your most favorite items. Choose the one represents your style and character the most.

baltic amber teething necklace

baltic amber teething necklace

When shopping for amber necklace, length is not the only thing you need to consider. If color combination becomes the essential criteria in choosing the necklace, then you need to spend some time to choose the most suitable one, the one you need and like so much. It’s also possible to find the same design with your baby.

Some amber necklaces are made of single color beads, while others look more eye-catching with several different colors at once. Nature is the main source of inspiration for the artisans in designing amber necklace for mom and baby, and rainbow motif is one of the examples you can find on the web. Some of the most popular colors of amber beads are transparent yellow / lemon, light cognac / honey, cognac, dark cognac / cherry, milky yellow, butterscotch and black.

Glossy, Matte or Raw?

One of the most frequently asked questions people have in mind is about the best type of amber they need to choose, whether raw, matte or glossy. Well, generally all types of bead offer the same great health benefits. So the answer for the question above depends on your preference.

Glossy beads are very popular and widely chosen for their smooth and shiny surface. Raw beads offer the most natural look of amber, so they have rough surface but still very comfortable to wear. Matte beads are everything in between glossy and raw. They are smooth and look natural.

Baltic amber necklaces are everything. They are the cute items to wear, natural pain reliever and immunity booster, as well as the perfect gift idea to share.

Be Fashionable, Fit and Healthy Naturally with Baltic Amber Jewellery

Baltic gold, solar stone, symbol of health, wealth, hope and the fortune bringer are only few of many names or phrases people use to call and describe Baltic amber. This fossilized pine tree resin is special for some reasons.

Baltic amber beads are beautiful, available in many different colors and more importantly offers so many health benefits for everyone. It is helpful for teething baby, juniors and adults. No wonder, Baltic amber jewellery become the most sought-after product among many other different gemstones out there.

baltic amber necklaces by Amber Buddy

baltic amber necklaces by Amber Buddy

Everyone can enjoy the health benefits of Baltic amber just by wearing the necklace or bracelet. Amber beads will release succinic acid, special healing and pain relief property and later will be absorbed into bloodstream by skin. The jewellery design which enables maximum contact between the beads and skin would be the best item to choose.

baltic amber teething necklaces

gift idea for toddlers – Baltic amber necklaces

For baby, Baltic amber teething necklace and bracelet are the awesome natural solution to help alleviating the pain on the gums, provides calming effects and in the long term could be the great immunity booster due to its ability to remove toxins and neutralize negative energy. For juniors, the health benefits are more or less the same.

baltic amber junior necklaces

baltic amber junior necklaces

For adults, wearing amber jewellery will be a very good idea especially as stress reliever. Treat headache, flu and joint stiffness are only few of many other Baltic amber benefits for adults. While amber teething necklace and bracelet are more popular, you can actually find many different designs of adult necklace or bracelet here. From simple to intricate ones, all are just one click away!

Baltic amber jewellery making has been introduced since long time ago especially in Europe where the best quality amber can be found easily (Baltic region). In the past, the design was still very simple. As the time went by, more and more designs are created and enable everyone to find the best necklace or bracelet which describes their style and character the most.

The Standard

Baltic amber jewellery making will always require particular standard to make sure that the products made by the artisans will be suitable, perfect to wear and deliver the maximum health benefits to everyone who wears them.

baltic amber necklaces for women

baltic amber necklaces for women

Authenticity becomes the most essential aspect to talk about. The best items are the ones made of genuine Baltic amber beads. Amber taken from Baltic region offers plenty succinic acid compared to those taken from other countries.

The ideal length of amber baby necklace is 33cm, while for amber baby bracelet is 15cm. For adults, the choices are more varied. Necklace for instance, ranges from 45cm to 170cm, while for bracelet starts from 18cm up to 20.5cm for women. From baroque to chips, transparent yellow to black, glossy to raw, you can choose one of them or choose the product which comes with various combination.

For you who want not only Baltic amber as the material of your accessory, then you can also find amber combined with other natural materials such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, rudraksha, lava stone, 925 sterling silver and more. All of them are made by highly skilled artisans. The design, the beads and other details have been carefully chosen in such a way, so you, your kids and everybody else can wear Baltic amber products confidently.

The A to Z of Baby Teeth

When your kids start teething, you will try to find all possible solutions to deal with the pain on their gums, the pain which makes them become more irritable, cranky, drooling, biting and difficult to sleep at days and nights. But then a question probably comes to your mind: why are first teeth so important if they will fall out eventually?

Well, it’s true that they will fall out, but they are needed for chewing, eating and provide space for permanent teeth as well as guiding them into position. The perfect growth of first teeth will allow for proper jaw bone, muscle development and proper speech.

The forming of children’s teeth are actually begun before birth. However, teething is variable among babies and generally the first lower center teeth make an appearance at around six to ten months. The complete twenty teeth appear by age three, but the order of eruption won’t be the same between one baby and another too.

teething baby

teething baby

What about permanent teeth? They begin appearing when your children is around age six. Anyway, as already mentioned above, first teeth are important to help providing space for permanent teeth and guide them into position. So, choosing the appropriate help to deal with teething pain becomes an inevitable need.

Natural Teething Pain Reliever

Natural teething pain reliever is all your baby need when it comes to talk about the best solution to alleviate the pain on their gums effectively. Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets become the good alternative to consider for some reasons. The beads are lightweight, the colors are beautiful and more importantly your baby just need to wear them, not chew or bite!

When your baby wear amber necklace or bracelet, the beads will release succinic acid. This is the special property to alleviate the pain on the gums. It has calming effects too. For adults, wearing Baltic amber jewellery would be the perfect idea to help reducing stress level effectively, neutralize negative energy and boost immune system.

baltic amber teething necklace

baltic amber teething necklace

Baltic amber teething necklace and bracelet can be found easily on the web, but you need to be very careful since not all of them are genuine. Genuine Baltic amber products will come with certificate of authenticity and they should come with the best safety features as well.

A screw clasp will be added to ensure safety, so the baby won’t be able to detach the items easily. Each bead is double-knotted so only one bead will fall suppose if the products are broken accidentally, therefore will avoid choking hazard.

You do not need to worry about product choices. The artisans create new designs from time to time and you will always find the unique items to buy for your beloved teething baby. From transparent yellow to black, glossy to raw, baroque to olive, the choices are on your hand.

Glossy beads have smooth and shiny surface, raw beads have rough surface, very natural look and still very comfortable to wear, while matte beads have smooth surface and natural look. All are awesome and offer the same great health benefits for your baby, so the answer for question “which bead is the best” will depend on your personal preference.

Baltic Amber Jewelry Making Process

When we talk about Baltic amber jewelry, we will not only talk about the beautiful beads, the unique design or even the symbolism behind design, color and other details. The jewelry making process becomes something essential to know and it will give you the clues regarding how amber necklaces and bracelets are made before you find them on the internet as ready-to-wear products.

Baltic amber jewelry making consists of several different processes and every steps should be done carefully by highly skilled amber artisans to ensure the best quality and to avoid scratch. In general, amber occurs as small irregular masses, nodules or droplets.

The process includes clipping, drilling, colour sorting, size and shape sorting, stringing and quality control.

raw Baltic amber

raw Baltic amber

Clipping or cutting is the first important step to get the desired shape and this is done before polishing. There are three type of amber beads: glossy / polished, matte / semi-polished and raw / unpolished. Glossy is very suitable for those who love smooth and shiny surface, while raw beads offer the most natural look of amber. Raw beads have rough surface, but won’t hurt your skin. If you prefer the combination of raw and glossy characteristic, then matte beads could be your best choice. They are smooth and look natural.

baltic amber clipping

baltic amber clipping

Drilling becomes the next important step of Baltic amber jewelry making process. It’s not easy, requires patience and high accuracy and should be done very carefully especially if the beads are small. After that, the artisans will sort the beads based on their color. The options ranges from transparent yellow, light cognac, cognac, dark cognac, black and rare color. Some necklaces and bracelets consists of only one particular color of beads, while others consist of many different colors.

Baltic amber drilling

Baltic amber drilling

After being grouped based on color, the beads are sorted based on size and shape. The roundest shape is called baroque, while chips are the flattest ones. The standard sizes of beads for necklace and bracelet are 4mm and 5mm, while the bigger ones can be up to 9mm. The unique combination of various shapes, sizes and colors can be found in Limited Edition Series.

Baltic amber colour sorting

Baltic amber colour sorting

baltic amber size / shape sorting

baltic amber size / shape sorting

The beads are already sorted based on color, size and shape. The next step is called stringing. It requires some supplies such as needle, special nylon thread, safety match and safety clasp (for baby necklace and bracelets). Baltic amber products for adult, on the other hand, require little bit different supplies and some items are made by combining / adding several materials such as lava stone, lapis lazuli, turquoise stone, rudraksha, 925 sterling silver and more.

Baltic amber stringing

Baltic amber stringing

For baby products, each bead is double-knotted to ensure safety and durability. Suppose if the necklace is broken accidentally, there will be only one bead falls (instead of all) and the use of safety clasp is required so the baby won’t be able to detach the necklace or bracelet easily. For adult amber accessory, the beads are strung on stretchy silicone gums or metal wire. Don’t worry, because some other products are also strung on special nylon thread and perfect to be your versatile accessory, such as amber long necklaces.

Baltic amber necklace and bracelet quality control

Baltic amber necklace and bracelet quality control

Quality control becomes the last process before the products are sold on the web. This is absolutely required to make sure that customers would have got the real best products so they can wear amber jewelry confidently and get the best health benefits at the same time.

The good news for you is that you can also make amber necklace and bracelet either for yourself or your baby at home. The steps are quite simple. Check this infographic and find the best quality beads HERE.

The A to Z of Baltic Amber Junior Necklaces

When it comes to talk about Baltic amber, the first thing comes to our mind is about teething. Amber teething necklaces are getting more and more popular among parents all around the world for their succinic acid content which is truly helpful as natural teething pain reliever as well as immunity booster.

In fact, Baltic amber is actually beneficial for everyone. The artisans make complete products for family: baby, junior and adult. If you already have amber necklace for baby and adult and now wanna buy something for your 9 y.o (and up) children, then here is the place for you to find Baltic amber junior necklaces with awesome design, the best standard size and safety features.

Baltic amber junior necklace

Baltic amber junior necklace

Choosing accessory for kids is an interesting thing to do. However, the challenge is usually about figuring out between what they want and what they should have. Definitely, your kids will be interested in the fact that Baltic amber is good for their health. But when you do not give them something unique, something cute and beautiful to wear, they probably will never want to wear it. So, make sure to give something they can wear confidently.

Baltic Amber Junior Necklaces: Size, Color and Health Benefits

The best standard length of junior necklaces is 40cm. This size is chosen by the artisans to ensure the best comfort, so will not be too tight or too loose. Just like teething necklaces, each item comes with screw clasp and every bead is double-knotted.

Color becomes the essential consideration as well. You just need to choose the one you think will look the best for your kids or let them choose their own accessory! From transparent yellow, honey, cognac, cherry, milky, butterscotch and black and rare colors, they are all available here.

baltic amber junior necklaces

baltic amber junior necklaces

In general, Baltic amber is a natural pain reliever. Every bead contains succinic acid, the special property to alleviate teething pain (for baby) and the good solution to treat any discomfort such as cold, flu and joint stiffness (for junior and adult). Amber provides calming effects and neutralize negative energy too, therefore it’s useful to relieve stress naturally. In this case, the succinic acid released by the beads will be absorbed into bloodstream by the skin.

All of our junior necklaces are made of genuine Baltic amber beads (authenticity guaranteed). Amber taken from Baltic region is the best type of all since it contains more succinic acid and it means provide the better health benefits for your children.

Glossy, matte and raw. Which one is the best? All are the best, because all types provide the same great positive effects for child’s health. So the most suitable type will depend on individual preference: glossy if you love something smooth and shiny, raw if you prefer something with very natural look and matte if you want the beads with smooth surface and natural look.

Besides knowing the benefits, it’s also good to know how to care for Baltic amber junior necklaces. When not being worn for a while, put them in a special soft pouch and separated from other jewellery materials to avoid scratch.

Some Possible Ways to Boost Child’s Immunity

Protecting your child from the endless array of germs and viruses is a possible thing to do and can be achieved by doing several different habits which are useful to boost their immune system. Here they are:

Fruits and vegetables contain plenty immunity-boosting phytonutrients as vitamin C and carotenoids, such as strawberry and oranges. If your baby love carrots and green beans, then add them too. The phytonutrients may increase infection-fighting white blood cells in baby’s body. In one day, it’s recommended to prepare five servings of fruits and veggies.

sleeping baby

sleeping baby

Similar to adults, sleep deprivation may lead to various problems for kids. Lack of sleep could make children become more susceptible to illness since it can reduce natural killer cells which are truly essential to attack microbes as well as cancer cells. How long it should be? Newborn baby need approximately 18 hours of sleep every day, toddlers will be about 12 to 13 hours while preschoolers need about 10 hours.

Breastfeeding is also helpful to boost your child’s immune system since breast milk is rich in turbo-charged immunity-enhancing antibodies, something needed to prevent many different illnesses such as ear infections, pneumonia, meningitis, allergies and diarrhea. Besides, breastfeeding is recommended for its awesome extra health benefits for you baby, one of them is to enhance brain power.

Children love to go outside and play. Instead of spending their time only to play with their friends, once in a while you can ask them to and other family members to do exercise. This activity is useful to increase the number of natural killer cells. Try to do various types of activity to avoid boredom. For example if this week you and your family choose bike riding, try hiking for next week, or you can also try tennis and basketball.

Besides the above-mentioned ideas, there is an option you can choose to help your children to stay fit and healthy. It’s called Baltic amber necklace and bracelet. These awesome products are made of genuine beads from Baltic region. Every bead releases special pain reliever property called succinic acid, and commonly considered to be the best natural teething reliever for baby. The bead neutralizes negative energy and removes toxins too, thus it provides the best protection for child’s body against any discomfort and illnesses.

baltic amber teething necklace

baltic amber teething necklace

Don’t worry because Baltic amber necklace and bracelet for children are not only about health benefits, but also about cute design. Basically, the beads are strung on special nylon thread where each bead is double-knotted to avoid choking hazard and each item comes with screw clasp to ensure durability.

Amber necklaces and bracelets are available in many different colors (from transparent yellow to black), shapes (baroque to chips) and bead’s surface (glossy to raw). Choose glossy if you love something shiny with smooth surface. Raw beads could be the best choice if you prefer the beads with very natural look. Matte beads, on the other hand, are everything in between glossy and raw. They are smooth and look natural. All necklaces are 33cm long, while the bracelets are 15cm. This standard size is chosen to ensure the best comfort and maximum contact between the beads and child’s skin.

The Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Shopping Guide

Teething is an important part of baby’s development stages and it is usually followed by several symptoms such as drooling, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite and irritability. Besides, babies will tend to chew or bite everything they see or hold. They do this simply to alleviate the itch and pain on their gums when the first teeth emerge.

Instead of letting them biting everything which can probably pose to choking hazard, giving Baltic amber teething necklace to wear would be the very good idea to consider. It is designed in such a way to fulfill several needs at once: the best comfort, safety and health benefits.

baltic amber teething necklaces

Baltic amber teething necklace

The three above-mentioned aspects are applied to the details of the teething necklace, such as the use of standard length ensure that it won’t be too loose or too tight on baby’s neck. An ideal length is 33cm or 13 inches, while if you look for a teething bracelet, make sure it’s not less than 15cm or 5.9 inches. The 33cm length is also chosen to enable maximum contact between the beads and baby’s skin, so the pain reliever property released by the beads can be absorbed completely.

The use of screw clasp and double-knot bead stringing technique become two essential safety features. Screw clasp is required to ensure durability, therefore the baby won’t be able to detach it very easily. Each amber bead is double-knotted to avoid choking hazard, thus there will be only one bead falls (instead of all) suppose if the necklace is broken accidentally.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: More Than Just Teething Pain Reliever

Amber beads provide calming effect, so fussy and cranky teething baby could get better sleep especially during the night. For mom, amber is an effective natural stress reliever, so wearing amber jewellery will be a great idea to reduce stress level and more emotionally balanced.

Amber beads neutralize negative energy and remove toxins, and it means in the long term will be a natural immunity booster. It becomes the reason why the artisans choose 33cm as the standard length of amber teething necklace, so it can be worn by up to 7 years old kids.

baltic amber teething necklace

baltic amber teething necklace

What about the color? Choose the one you love the most, the color you think will look good for your baby. There are yellow / lemon, light cognac / honey, cognac, dark cognac / cherry, milky, butterscotch, black and multicolor if you want all in one.

Besides color, don’t forget to choose the surface of amber beads. If you are not familiar with this detail before, here is the simple explanation: glossy is the most perfect option if you love smooth and shiny beads, raw / rough would be the perfect option if you love the beads with very natural look, while the last option is called matte or semi-polished beads. Basically, matte beads are the combination of glossy and raw characteristics: smooth and natural.

For unique combination of color, shape and surface, then you can check Limited Edition Series. The products belong to this category are made with limited number of quantity, not more than 20 pcs, so you can be sure that there won’t be more than 20 people around the world own the same design as yours. Which one do you like best?

Should You Breastfeed Your Baby?

Breastfeeding can be defined as the best way to feed baby. Yes, it’s called the best for some reasons. Breastfeeding offers so many benefits both for mom and baby. However, making the decision to breastfeed is actually a personal matter. At the same time, it probably becomes one of the most frequently debated things among friends and family.

breastfeeding benefits

breastfeeding benefits

In fact, some medical authorities strongly recommend breastfeeding, such as American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Anyway, since every mom and baby are unique, the decision is on your hand. The following explanation will give you overview regarding breastfeeding and probably will be helpful for you to decide eventually:

The first as well as the most obvious reason why you are strongly recommended to breastfeed is because breastfeeding is free. It still enable you to save over a thousand dollars even if you decide to buy a high grade pump to take to work. Mother Nature lets us to nourish our babies and this is the truly priceless opportunity every mom should take.

Breastfeeding is a great way to protect your baby against illness. Breast milk contains antibodies which is required by the baby. In fact, babies are born with immature immune systems. To boost or strengthen it, they rely on mothers’ milk to fight off infections. So, the better protection means fewer trips to the doctor’s office.

Convenience become another reason why breastfeeding is strongly recommended. You do not need to prepare hot / warm water, since the milk is ready as soon as your baby asks for it. Sure, it’s not always easy to spend some time to measure the formula, boil the water and so on. When you need to go out with your baby, you even do not need to bring bottles, cans and no need to worry about how long they will keep. These things sound truly obvious, but some people probably still need to review and consider this very well.

Breastfeeding enables you and your baby to be more emotionally attached. It is claimed as one of the best bonding methods ever. Also, mother who breastfeed is also known to have a lower incidence of postpartum depression.

Apart from the awesome benefits of breastfeeding mentioned above, you have the right to choose whether you want to breastfeed or not. If you are still not sure for some reasons (including health condition), then it will be good to consult with your doctor.

What do people say about breastfeeding?

While breastfeeding may not seem the right choice for every parent, it is the best choice for every baby. -Amy Spangler-

A baby nursing at a mother’s breast… is an undeniable affirmation of our rootedness in nature. -David Suzuki-

It is only in the act of nursing that a woman realizes her motherhood in visible and tangible fashion; it is a joy of every moment. -Honoré de Balzac-

Mother’s milk, time-tested for millions of years, is the best nutrient for babies because it is nature’s perfect food. -Robert S. Mendelsohn-

If a multinational company developed a product that was a nutritionally balanced and delicious food, a wonder drug that both prevented and treated disease, cost almost nothing to produce and could be delivered in quantities controlled by the consumers’ needs, the very announcement of their find would send their shares rocketing to the top of the stock market. The scientists who developed the product would win prizes and the wealth and influence of everyone involved would increase dramatically. Women have been producing such a miraculous substance, breastmilk, since the beginning of human existence. -Gabrielle Palmer-

Baltic Amber Ring: The Circle of Positive Energy

Baltic amber is a part of culture. It’s the best gift nature provides for human being, the fossilized pine tree resin which offers so many health benefits for everyone who wants to stay fit, stay calm and relaxed naturally. The presence of Baltic amber ring, therefore, can be called as something special, something worthy to consider.

baltic amber jewellery

Baltic amber ring

Baltic amber ring is made by combining amber and 925 sterling silver, the two natural materials with deep meaning. Amber is claimed to be a fortune bringer by ancient people. They called amber as Baltic gold or solar stone, consider it as the symbol of luck, health and wealth. Silver, on the other hand, is the symbol of feminine nature of energy.

Stay Healthy, Stay Calm

When choosing a ring as something to wear or something to give, you and many people out there will commonly think about the design, color and other general details carefully. But Baltic amber ring offers something beyond those things. It neutralizes negative energy and has been widely known and believed to be the good natural alternative to remove toxins, thus it will protect the body from any disease in the long term. No wonder, amber is called as natural immunity booster. Since silver offers calming and soothing energy as well, combining amber and silver in a ring is the real perfect design idea for sure. You can even call it as the circle of positive energy.

Less is More

In designing Baltic amber ring, there are several aspects designers commonly use as consideration. First is about the shape of amber, color, details and so on. Round amber is very popular, and butterscotch amber becomes one of the most favorite colors for ring.

When it comes to talk about the details, perfection is a truly subjective matter. The simple design for you is probably not the most excellent for those who loves intricate details. For you who believe in sayings that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Baltic amber ring with simple details will be your most favorite option because you know that less is more!

The ring made of amber and 925 sterling silver could be the awesome gift idea for birthday, Mother’s day, Christmas and other special occasions. Giving this beautiful item to your beloved ones, friends or family is the representation of your love, affection and your hope to see them to stay fit and healthy.

Every design is the reflection of someone’s character and personality, so make sure to choose Baltic amber ring which represents the receiver’s uniqueness the most. If you are still not sure about your choice, it’s good to contact the seller to get some suggestion regarding this thing.

baltic amber jewelry with 925 sterling silver

baltic amber jewelry

The good news about this is that you can buy amber ring together with other amber products when you think only one gift is not enough for someone special. Amber pendant necklaces, earrings and bracelets are the perfect options to choose. Don’t worry, because the products vary widely and one hour is probably not enough for you to compare and decide which one to buy. All are unique, all are beautiful.

Which one you love the most? Let us know…

How to Reduce Stress Level Naturally and Effectively

There are several different ways people can try to reduce stress level easily, naturally and effectively. It could be the simple daily activities, foods to consume and something cute to wear. Are you looking for the clues as well? Ok, here they are:

Do you love Lavender? Great. Decorate with lavender is a great way to enjoy the soothing scent which is helpful to lower your heart rate as well as blood pressure. You can stay relaxed and it is also good for you who seek natural help for better sleep. Take a vase, fill with dry lavender and put it near your bed.

lavender as natural stress reliever

lavender as natural stress reliever

Are you think about chocolate to reduce stress level? Eating dark chocolate, in fact, is beneficial to reduce stress hormone. If you love to combine with fruits, then try chocolate covered strawberry. You will get two things at once: a perfect help to reduce stress level and nutrition to fight body-damaging free radicals.

Another solution is truly simple and you probably never realize that it can help you to feel more relaxed: take a bath. Experts said that soaking in water has a soothing effect. Also, you can add Lavender in the form of aromatherapy candles or bath oil.

Do you love to get your hair shampooed at the salon? For some people, this is one of the most relaxing things and make them feel good. Why don’t recreate that experience at home? You can do that yourself to melt away tension. Massage your scalp using your fingertips. Move from your hairline to the back and repeat this step several times. Not only make you relaxed, massage your scalp is also a great way to release natural conditioning oil, therefore your hair will look gorgeous.

A cup of chamomile tea can reduce stress level as well. One of the compounds in chamomile tea is claimed to be a mild tranquillizer. If you don’t like to drink tea, then you can try another alternative such as chamomile supplements.

Long Term Stress Reliever

Besides the above-mentioned options, you can also choose natural alternative which provides benefits for the long term, such as wearing Baltic amber jewelry. It’s a perfect way to stay fashionable and healthy at the same time.

baltic amber beads

baltic amber beads

Baltic amber necklaces or bracelets are the best gift nature provides for human being, brought to you by the artisans who never feel tired of creating new design with several essential considerations in mind, including choosing the best beads’ shape to ensure maximum contact between the beads and your skin. Baltic amber beads release special property which will be absorbed into bloodstream, so it has zero side effects and much safer than taking pills or other stress relief medication.

The artisans design Baltic amber jewelry in such a way to ensure the best comfort as well. The standard length for necklace is 45cm and you can also find the ones which are up to 170cm. For bracelets, the length ranges from 18cm to 21cm. Some are strung on stretchy silicone gum, while others are made by combining amber and 925 sterling silver. Which one do you like the most? Let us know!